Useful Links

All the links given in this page are taken from the respective official websites. Clicking on a specific link will take you to the respective website in a new tab. These links contain sufficient information for a new inventor to learn about how to get a patent and possible routes to showcase it.

Patent Offices

Indian Patent Office

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

United States Patent & Trademark Office

European Patent Office

Patent Search

Indian Patent Database

Indian Patent Office Journal

WIPO Patent Database

US Patent Database

US Patent Search Guidance

European Patent Database

Google Patent Search

Patent Drafting & Application

Patent Office Manual (India)

Indian Patent Application Forms & Fees

WIPO Patent Manual

Patent Regulations

Patents Act (India)

Patents Rule (India)

International Patent Laws & Treaties (WIPO)

Courses & Training Programmes (Free & Paid)

RGNIIPM (Indian Govt. Institute) Courses (paid)

WIPO Online Courses (free & paid)

Indian Law Institute Online Courses (paid)

IIPTA Online Courses (Free & paid)

National Innovation Foundation

Home Page

Indian Innovation Initiative – i3

Home Page

Startup India

Home Page

List of Facilitators for Patents

Learning & Development

Accelerating Growth of New India’s innovations¬†(AGNIi)

Home Page

TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

The international TRIZ Association

MATRIZ Level 1 Training Manual

TRIZ Journal

TRIZ Principles

Oxford TRIZ

Oxford TRIZ (Scientific Effects Database)

Free Scientific Effects Database

Scientific Effects from Nature

Technology Forecasting

Technological Forecasting and Social Change – An International Jornal (Elsevier)

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