About Us

The Wheels of Invention

Every moment someone, somewhere in this world conceives an idea. Only a few actually get transformed into products or process through a painful but enjoyable effort taken by the inventors. Even fewer are those which get commercialised and used by the society. Undoubtedly commercialisation eventually indicates success of an invention. A successful invention is a result of many interconnected factors. We consider five such factors as the most significant contributors and identify them as the wheels of invention – see details in Our Posts. From the stage of an idea until its commercialisation, we need to consciously and efficiently manage the following wheels to create a successful invention:

  1. Wheel of Invention (driven wheel)
  2. Wheel of Curiosity (driver wheel)
  3. Wheel of Knowledge (driver wheel)
  4. Wheel of Development (driver wheel)
  5. Wheel of Market (driver wheel)

Our Objective

This website aims at creating awareness about patent and providing the potential inventors a platform to find many relevant information in one place. We intend to meet this objective by means of:

  • Publishing periodic posts by experienced engineers, researchers, inventors etc. covering the wheels. Patent will get specific attention.
  • Providing a comprehensive list of links useful for obtaining information about inventions and patents.
  • Keeping the readers informed about happenings around us, specifically notable recent inventions, upcoming events at various related organisations, new relevant tools etc.
  • Responding to the questions the potential inventors may have on patenting their inventions.

Our Journey

Dear readers, have you ever had a great idea but could not find a way to build upon it and patent it? Have you ever wondered how to patent your work? It actually happens with many of us due to lack of awareness about invention and patent. At times a potential inventor may not even be aware that his/her work is an invention and can be patented. With an aim to help changing this scenario this website started its humble journey in August 2017. The information shared here are for the benefit of all those potential inventors who dream big and want to invent for betterment of the society.


This website is an initiative of Proloy Jyoti Naskar, an experienced engineer, inventor, innovation facilitator and certified practitioner of TRIZ (inventive problem solving). As an engineer, in various capacities, he has been working in development of sophisticated  engineering systems. With a passion towards invention he has filed multiple patent applications for his works and is currently working on a few promising ones. It gives him immense pleasure to have mentored some youngsters towards their first patents. Through this website he intends to share his knowledge, experience and expertise for the benefit of the potential inventors in India.

Other contributors are:

  • Tuhin Subhra Maity – A young Mechanical Engineer, trained in Intellectual Properties – looks after administrative activities and writes articles for this website

We expect active support from many friends and volunteers while this website grows and the list of contributors will grow in coming days. We appeal to our readers to volunteer in this initiative and contribute in improving its usefulness. You may share information, specific knowledge, experience etc.  related to inventions for publishing in this website.

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