Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers to the frequently asked questions by our readers or others curious about invention and patent.

Question: How to check the status of an Indian patent application?

Answer: The status of a patent application is available at Indian Patent Advanced Search System. To find the status one has to run a search using the patent application number.

Question: How to find a problem ?

Answer: There are various methods available to find a problem for study, research, problem solving, product development, start-up etc. We use most of them in our everyday life. Our post “Find a Problem – Take the First Step” gives a simple summary of some useful methods.

Question: How to do a patent search?

Answer: Patent search requires looking into the major patent databases around the world. Some patent office websites provide guidelines on how to search for patents effectively. There are online courses available too to learn the tricks of patent search. An expensive patent search tool is not necessary, one can search patents from these databases using a few tricks. See our “Useful Links” page for relevant links.

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